Chemical Synthesis R&D Center


  • Occupied a singlebuilding at Dalian Pharmaceutical Research and Development Park
  • 5000 m2 floor space
  • Over 80 Synthesishoods equipped with air-flow control technology
  • All labs are equippedwith finger printIDsystems

Technical Team

  • Over 100chemists led by PhDlevel Group leaders
  • 60 experienced engineers
  • Continuously hiring talents globally
  • Strong scientific advisory committee andcooperation withDalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences











Chemistry and Technology

We do many chemistries, We do the followingbest:

  • Fluorination (F2, HF, KF, Select F, etc.)and Chlorination:such as Florasulam and Diclosulam
  • Grignard Reaction:such as the key steps of the production in Glufosinate and Fludioxonil
  • Hydrogenation, Oxidation & Epoxidation
  • Fermentation + Synthesis:such as Moxidectin
  • High Temperature (upto 350oC) and High Pressure Reactions ( up to1400 psi)
  • Continuous Process:such as  2,5-Dimethyl-2,4-hexadiene
  • Moisture and Air Sensitive Reactions


For years, this factory works for Dupont, Dow Agrosciences, FMC, Pfizer and other Multinational enterprises.